I love baking. I love looking through pictures and picking out just the right dessert to fit my mood. I love adding my own spices and switching the ingredients around to make just the dessert I was dreaming of. Vanilla. I always add vanilla. It's not a true dessert unless it has at least a splash of vanilla in it. I love the warm kitchen when the oven is on.

Baking is relaxing. I love cozying up on the couch, the house warm from the oven, snacking on chocolate chip cookies still gooey from the oven, with the smell of the next batch of cookies floating through the house. And let's face it, I've got a sweet tooth. I always like to have something sweet after dinner (and before). There's no better sweet than a sweet from your own oven.

And then, there's everything else to cook. While I'm more of the baker, Casey has become quiet the cook in our house. It started with pizza. He's a big fan of pizza, so what better way to get that perfect pizza than making it yourself. A thick crust spiced with garlic and herbs, topped with mozzeralla cheese and loaded with chicken, mushrooms, olives and bacon. Of course there is bacon. Bacon and butter are to Casey what like vanilla to me. No dish is complete without them. Perhaps that's why Casey took up cooking. Maybe I just wasn't adding enough bacon and butter in his dinners.

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